Hindu Council of Kenya - Kisumu Branch

An extended body of the main Hindu Council of Kenya.
It is considered as most vibrant and active amongst all other branches of HCK.
Hindu Council of Kenya is a non-commercial organization aimed at serving the Hindu community living in the Republic of Kenya in East Africa.

The work that the Hindu Council of Kenya undertakes falls into two separate but connected categories viz: the interfaith commitment through the Inter Faith Network of Kenya and the review of policies affecting Hindus through a consultation process with the Government of the day.

The Council is a medium of communication between the government and the Hindu community.


The Hindu Council of Kenya would like to bring together all organizations representing various Hindu sects domiciled in Kenya and work towards strengthening Hindu culture and propagate the Hindu way of living which is based on the principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.


The Hindu Council of Kenya was set up in 1971 as an umbrella organization with the sole intention of bringing together various Hindu denominations domiciled in Kenya. It has various branches across the country to help Hindus living in their respective regions. It aims to realize Hindu Unity, serve the needs and interests of the Hindu community and inform issues relating to Hindus to the government at large.


To articulate issues that concern Hindus at the local, state and national levels in Kenya.
To negotiate matters relating to Hindu culture and religion with the government at all levels and also with other organizations and associations in the country.
To organize functions and festivals promoting Hindu culture and religion to foster cooperation among the participating organizations.
To act as a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit organization to promote legitimate social, cultural, educational and religious needs of Hindus in Kenya.
To support the establishment of any charitable institution for the benefit of Hindus and other communities.
To function as an information source for schools and the general community concerning Hindu philosophy, culture and religion, in short to promote Hindu Religious Education.
To print and publish books, leaflets to promote the activities of the Hindu Council.
To arrange seminars, conventions and conferences to promote better understanding of Hindu culture and religion.
To help members of the Hindu community in all matters.
Represent the Hindu community at official functions such as Kenyan National Day.
Liaise with the media to project the Hindu community correctly.
To present a unified Hindu viewpoint on various current social issues relevant to Kenya.
To organize conferences, symposia etc nationally and overseas and to represent such meetings on behalf of local associations.